Ideas for Kids who have to eat Gluten Free!

Published Wednesday, July 08, 2009
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You’ve just been told that your child has a gluten intolerance. Don’t panic just sit back and relax, I am here to give you some ideas for every meal.


I was diagnosed five years ago and, thankfully, since then there are many more gluten free items on the market and, believe it or not, some of them actually taste good.


All fruits and veggies are gluten free and a great snack!  Now that it is summer it is the perfect time to get your child to enjoy fruits and veggies. Kids love to play with food.  Have them take turns washing them, help them cut them up and then they can make fruit kabobs. If you have a child who says no way to healthy fruits and veggies, try  putting out some dip for the veggies.  We love Annie’s Cowgirl Ranch Salad Dressing for veggie dipping, and we love melting chocolate chips for a great dip for most fruit.  Don’t forget peanut butter!  Banana and peanut butter  YUMMY!!!  These are all great snacks.  My kids will eat anything when watching their favorite TV program.  Cheese and crackers are a great snack.  Glutino has a great cracker.


I personally find breakfast the most challenging meal.  Eggs are gluten free which is a healthy quick meal.  Unfortunately, I have to stay away from eggs as well so I have found GF oatmeal as a very healthy alternative.  You could add a little brown sugar and some raisins.  We use oats from Gluten Free Oats.  We also sell them in our bakery!  My kids love Gorilla Munch cereal by Envirokidzl!!!!  There are many cereals now on the market even Chex is now gluten free!  You can also make gluten free pancakes.  My kids love making animal shapes out of them.  Make a lot they freeze well!  Oh yeah….add some banana or chocolate chips in the pancakes. BONUS!  Don’t forget  SWEET CHRISTINE’S muffins and our baked donuts!!!!


For me lunch and dinner is easy, but I know children love their fried foods and pizza.  This is the perfect time to try healthier items.  Take them to a salad bar and have them make their own salad!  My kids love a salad bar, and they always get a baked potato as well.  Potatoes are gluten free.  Try making homemade french fries.  Cut up a few potatoes and drizzle with olive oil and a little salt and maybe some rosemary and bake them in the oven for about 30 mins.  You can buy Bell & Evans chicken nuggets.  My kids love them!  Add Boar's Head cold cuts to SWEET CHRISTINE’S  bread and the kids will have no idea they are eating gluten free.  Many deli's offer Boar's Head!  My children also eat our pizza at least once a week. There are many gluten free hotdogs as well.  Boar's Head has a gluten free hotdog.

 Plain chicken, fish and meats are gluten free.  When out just ask that they hold the sauce and make sure they have not been marinated! Soy Sauce is gluten and it is in many condiments.  My kids love Bionaturae Pasta!!  I fooled my Italian relatives. Caesars has great raviolis and stuffed shells! 

Desserts....we all know where to get them!  In case you forgot SWEET CHRISTIN'S BAKERY.

When you go out to eat ask if they have a gluten free menu.  You will be surprised how many restaurants have one and if they don't I can almost guarantee that they can suggest something on the menu that is safe.  My kis and I eat out all of the time.  Believe me it gets easier.  Word is out about Celiac Disease, and the gluten free diet is spreading rapidly.  Every day it will get easier and easier.  Summer is the perfect time to experiement with gluten free foods.  Get your children involved.  They will love it and what better way to spend time as a family.  ENJOY!



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  • Sweet Christine's Bakery - Gourmet Gluten-Free
    Aug 23, 2009 Alysa Vigliante (anonymous) email: said:
    I just wanted to mention that if you have extreme Gluten sensitivity, you must be careful about ordering deli meats (even though Boar's Head is gluten free). Most deli's do not use separate slicers, so if they are cutting other meats on the same slicer, it will be contaminated.

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