Gluten-free In-Store Bakery Program

Key Benefits

Higher profits

Increased margin dollars

Influence GF customer decisions

Boost impulse purchases

Focus on the top-selling GF items

More impulse sales generated

Quick and easy implementation  


Mobile Check-In

POP Promotions

GF Product Assortment

Complimentary Products



Sweet Christine’s Bakery can be a strong gluten-free category partner for you.

Sweet Christine's is strongly committed to helping retailers launch and maintain successful gluten-free baked goods programs.  Our wide selection of differentiated and innovative gluten-free breads and desserts enables you to tailor an offering precisely targeted to your market. We can also assist you with high-impact merchandising plans.

Sweet Christine's value proposition is based on the following clear advantages; 
  • A broad selection of the highest quality, all natural gluten-free products with huge consumer appeal
  • An adaptable manufacturing system to ensure responsiveness to customer needs
  • A focus on customer service
  • Extensive R&D and insight into consumer and gluten-free industry trends.

We know the gluten-free shopper and consumer and have insight into industry trends.  We will work with you to identify the most relevant product assortment and an optimal shopping experience that targets the gluten-free shopper.  We will collaborate with you to generate unique product and shopping ideas aligned with your strategic goals. 

Sweet Christine's Branded Gluten-free Baked Goods Program

  • Our program generates new revenue streams from in-store branded gluten-free baked products
  • Our competitively priced products provide your customers with a super-premium product at a great value

Own Brands Product Development

  • We are on a march to become the industry leader and we already have a diversified customer base across North America
  • Our team has successfully transitioned and grown the business of our new customers
  • We have a focus on delivering value against key retailer financial metrics with a continual focus on efficiency and margin management

For more information, please contact Kevin McCann at 610-388-4007 or email to

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